Turn your low-grade ore
into profit

with advanced sensor-based sorting and blending control.

Sensor-Based Sorting
Made Easy!

Explore OreScanner sensor-based sorting system, transforming your ore waste rejection and blending control.

OreScanner provides real-time ore quality assessment, enhancing product quality and minimizing waste.

Immerse your operations in the future of mineral processing with our efficient and automated solution. The compact design ensures easy installation, making OreScanner the preferred choice for seamless ore sorting control. 

Elevate your processes with precision and reliability.

Sensor-Based Sorting Use Cases:

Before the Crusher

Our advanced technology scans the ore as it is unloaded into the crusher, providing instantaneous evaluation. Through this process, the control system activates a diverter, efficiently diverting crushed ore to separate piles based on ore quality.

Strategically forming different grade piles enables you to optimize your production and maximize profitability.

Above a Conveyor Belt

The sensor-based scanner performs real-time assessments of ore quality after crushing or screening, ensuring it meets set parameters. In the event of elevated impurity levels, the system automatically takes appropriate actions to divert the raw material.

It guarantees that the final product, after undergoing calcination or any other beneficiation process, always complies with both client specifications and environmental standards.

OreScanner can help you achieve better product quality while minimizing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Cut mineral processing costs and boost valuable mineral recovery by removing low-grade ore from later processing stages.
This not only increases plant revenue through higher throughput but also ensures stable operations with consistent product quality, minimizing raw material quality fluctuations. Stable calcification and beneficiation processes lead to reduced fuel and energy costs.
Further, create different ore grade piles to generate additional revenue by selling raw ore to different users.

Real-time ore quality measurements allows our customers to blend seamlessly lower-grade ore with higher-grade ore from different locations at the mine site.
With this capability, mining operations can maximize ore extraction without compromising the required final product quality. This not only reduces the waste pile but also increases revenue through higher production.

Don't Let Your Wealth Go to Waste Ore Pile!

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