Case Study:
limestone Sorting

From Waste to Wealth

The Innovative Approach of a German Lime Manufacturer to Reduce Ore Waste

Client Overview

A German building materials and lime manufacturer, known for its premium lime-based products, operates a cutting-edge facility with a modern PFR lime kiln. The company prides itself on a smooth production process from raw material extraction to final product.

Unrealized Opportunity

The lime-based products manufacturer faced challenges with their existing raw ore quality control process. Their reliance on a manually controlled conveyor system, which was diverting low-quality ore with high clay content to the waste pile, proved to be inefficient. The control operator visually inspected the ore and decided when the ore should be diverted to the waste pile. Unfortunately, this method was labor-intensive and ineffective, resulting in a substantial amount of valuable limestone being classified as waste.

Management recognized that this manual control process not only resulted in the loss of valuable minerals but also hindered the plant’s profitability potential. Furthermore, the increasing size of the waste pile posed a separate problem. The limited space for waste storage was quickly filling up, threatening the expected lifespan of the quarry and presenting an urgent need for a more efficient and sustainable solution.

limestone waste pile


To deal with inefficiencies, the plant installed the OreScanner system above the primary crusher feeding system.

The advanced OreScanner sensor-based system scans the ore unloaded by trucks, which can vary in size from 0 to 600 mm, and instantly assesses its quality. The data is then sent to the conveyor diversion control system.

Based on the OreScanner’s analysis, ore with high clay content is automatically directed to the waste pile, while low-clay ore is sent to the production silo after crushing. This optimizes the sorting process and maximizes resource utilization.

Why OreScanner?

The decision to go with OreScanner came from the team’s extensive track record in delivering raw ore assessment solutions within the mining sector. Unlike other providers that offer equipment requiring substantial capital investment and involving high operational costs, OreScanner stands out for its easy installation process, flexibility, and customer-centric approach.

With the OreScanner system in place, operations could showcase tangible benefits of automated processes to stakeholders without the need for significant upfront investment or concern about potential solution ineffectiveness.



1. Revenue Maximization

By enhancing mineral recovery rates, the client can produce a higher volume of limestone-based building materials without expanding mining capabilities. This translates to increased revenue streams and improved financial performance, empowering the client to thrive in a competitive market landscape.

2. Extended Quarry Lifetime

The client successfully reduced waste accumulation, thus extending the expected operational lifespan of their quarry. Through optimized ore utilization, they reduced environmental impact and showcased a commitment to greener and more sustainable mining.

3. Reduced Operational Cost and Improved Employee Job Satisfaction

Crusher room operators are no longer burdened with manual sorting duties, allowing them to concentrate solely on supervising the entire process. Automation ensures uninterrupted operation every day of the week, eliminating the need for hiring additional staff.

Opportunities for Every Limestone Processor

OreScanner offers accurate real-time measurements of clay, limestone (CaO), and dolomite (MgO) content, helping mineral processors to automate stockpiling, waste rejection, and blending control.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to minimize your waste pile and achieve more consistent, cost-effective kiln operations. Reach out at to learn more.

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